The current crises in Mali

VFOM occasionally posts links to articles we think may help illuminate what is happening in Mali at this moment. We do not claim to endorse the content of these essays but share them for your information.

First is a link to our monthly newsletter, The Richmond Chiwara, where we cover topics about people from Mali and Virginia. You will find a Subscribe button there as well.…

The second link is to an essay written on Aug. 18th by our board member, Robin Edward Poulton, and published for TRANSCEND Network for Peace, Development and Environment.…/mali-a-history-of-military-bul…/

The third and fourth links are to posts on a blog called Bridges From Bamako, written by Bruce Whitehouse, a former Peace Corps volunteer and Fulbright Scholar in Mali, who has blogged his views on Mali for many years. Here are two pieces he wrote on Aug. 19th and 22nd about the recent coup.

“Taking it to the streets” and “Hands of my junta!”


And, as if human-made crises were not enough, devastating flooding has been taking its toll on vulnerably situated people since the annual rains began in June. “Flooding began in the country in July, affecting around 7,000 people. According to OCHA, as of 06 August, more than 13,200 people, including 5,400 internally displaced persons, were affected by floods in the country. The worst affected regions are Gao, Mopti, Ségou and Sikasso. A total of 1,160 homes have been destroyed.”